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The Scenic Route, A Memoir by Rossa Forbes

Chris Forbes was a college student in Toronto, Canada when his increasingly strange behavior landed him in a psychiatric facility for observation. After his discharge, he returned to his home in Switzerland—with a schizophrenia diagnosis. Concerned about the side effects caused by psychiatric medications (as well as the stress her family was experiencing as a result of Chris’s condition), Chris’s mother searched for therapies that might help Chris “get back on track”—and off the drugs. As part of her scenic journey, she explored energy medicine, shamanism, nutrition and vitamins, and nontraditional views about wellness and dis-ease. Questioning her parenting choices as well as the advice of mental health professionals, she gained greater awareness, not only about different treatment modalities, but also about herself.

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A Moment of Time by Jilaine Tarisa

This debut novel from Jilaine Tarisa is the first in the series The Red Rose Way and features Caitlin Rose, an attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice. Eager for adventure, Caitlin longs to experience life beyond the courtroom and to rediscover mystery and passion. Her friend, Kimo, a student of natural healing and philosophy, introduces her to new friends and ideas that challenge her beliefs and goals. In her quest for greater self-knowledge, Caitlin must venture into unfamiliar territory. She travels to Ireland, Hawai’i, and a California ashram before finding a new direction for her life. As informative as it is entertaining, A Moment of Time describes the many facets of a woman’s search for “meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.”

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